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COPELOUZOS GROUP has included PV systems in its portfolio of activities in the renewable energy sector.

This fact, combined with the ownership of two state-of-the-art industrial units for the production of PV modules, strengthens the leading role of COPELOUZOS GROUP in the Photovoltaic sector in Greece and the greater Mediterranean area.

COPELOUZOS GROUP, under the framework of its long and successful involvement in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, is developing a portfolio of self-owned PV plants of a total capacity of 126,82 MW, located in areas with high sun radiation, such as Crete, Rhodes, Central Greece and Peloponnese.

This investment has been characterized as «Strategic Investment» by the Ministers Committee of Strategic Investments (National Gazette 2459/03.11.2011) and has been included in the Fast Track licensing procedures of Strategic Investments (Law 3894/2010).

Until today, COPELOUZOS GROUP has installed and put in commercial operation its own PV plants of 180 MW total capacity.