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Type Transmission
Distribution Network Public Service Obligations ETMEAR
Capacity Charge
(€/kWh) Capacity Charge
(Fixed Unit Charge)  (€/kW/month)
Energy Charge
(Variable Unit Charge)(€/kWh)
(€/kWh) (€/kWh)
Commercial 1,279 0,00044 1,170 0,0030 0,01790 >13GWh*:0,00231
Industrial 1,279 0,00044 1,170 0,0030 0,00691 <13GWh*:0,01277

*Refers to the total annual consumption
Charged Capacity: The Measured Maximum Peak Demand of consumption between 11:00-14:00

Calculation Formulas:

  • Transmission System: Fixed Unit Charge (FUC) x Measured Maximum Peak Demand (MPD) x Days/30
  • Other Charges: Total Consumption (kWh) x Unit Charge
  • National Distribution Network: ((FUC) x (MPD) + Total Consumption (kWh) x Variable Unit Charge/Power Factor (cosφ)
  • Public Service Obligations: Total Consumption (kWh) x Unit Charge
  • Special Duty for the Reduction of Air Pollutant Emissions (ETMEAR): Total Consumption (kWh) x Unit Charge

Other Third Party Charges: 

The following charges are levied on all consumers irrespective of the electricity supplier selected, are collected via the payment of electricity bills and are remitted to the State:

  1. Excise Duty – EFK (Law 3336/05) and the calculation formula is:
    Total Monthly Consumption in kWh x 0,005)
  2. Special Customs Rights Duty 5‰ – DETE (Law 2093/92) and the calculation formula is:
    [(Consumption Charge) – (ΕΤΜΕΑΡ Charge) + (EFK Charge)] x 0,005
  3. Municipal Duties – Municipal Taxes – Real Estate Duty (TAP), Laws Ν.25/1975 and Ν.2130/1993
  4. Hellenic Radio and Television-ERT (Greek Government Gazette 44Α/29.04.2015).
    This charge is fixed; 3 Euros on monthly basis.