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The Energy Services Department can provide personalized solutions that guarantee energy saving in medium and large buildings.

In this field, our company has strategic partnerships and utilizes in Greece tested systems of renowned international brands with numerous successful applications worldwide.

Energy Management
By using the innovative energy management software Watchtower™, the Energy Saving Department offers real solutions to reduce energy consumption through more efficient management of the existing facilities.
In summary, the services provided include the automatic identification of energy faults, the monitoring and management of critical energy efficiency indicators, the creation of respective reports and the control of energy bills for the exact calculation of the savings achieved.

Interventions in Constructional Elements
The Energy Saving Department, with the assistance of the Reconstruction Department, suggests interventions and improvements in the shell of the buildings in order to upgrade their energy status.
The benefit-cost ratio, the amount of investment and the schedule of tasks’ execution required each time is calculated by our project team and is sent to the customer, in order to take the final decision and get on with the project.

Replacement of conventional lamps with innovative LED lamps
The low-consumption LED lamps can effectively replace the largest range of lamps used in a building, consuming up to 80% less energy than the equivalent incandescent lamps.
They reduce thermal radiation in space (better conditions of thermal comfort, air-conditioning cost reduction) and have significantly increased lifespan (50,000 hours guaranteed), as well as zero maintenance costs.
Our project team undertakes, after visiting the site, the execution of a feasibility study for the installation of LED technology lamps, specifying:

  • The investment
  • The annual savings achieved (kwh/EUR)
  • The corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions and
  • The amortization time

Upon approval, the implementation of the project follows, usually in operational spaces, where emphasis is put on the minimal disruption of the user and the strict observance of the technical specifications and the project delivery time.

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