COPELOUZOS GROUP has a long and continuous presence in the Energy sector, particularly in electricity. Since 2002 the GROUP has been active in electricity trading and has evolved into one of the major suppliers in the market, its main activities consisting the import and trading of electricity from Greece’s northern interconnections (Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., and Albania) into the Greek Electricity market, as well as importing/exporting electricity from/to Italy and Turkey.

Today NOVAERA ENERGY S.A. holds an important position in the international market of electricity trading, with presence in European energy exchange markets and having concluded a significant number of long-term agreements with Suppliers and Eligible Customers in Greece for the sale of large quantities of electricity either at the Greek borders or within the Hellenic System.

The targets for NOVAERA ENERGY S.A. include further expansion to more countries of the wider geographical area for electricity trading, as well as to enter the market of electricity distribution supplying local consumers, both residential and businesses.