COPELOUZOS GROUP is a fully integrated business development organization, servicing key industrial and technological sectors in Greece and abroad. Skilled personnel and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions are crucial key factors for the successful achievements of COPELOUZOS GROUP.

The GROUP specializes in strategic economic growth areas and specific industrial sectors, where its expertise and knowledge enable it to play an instrumental role in the conception, development and implementation of large-scale, industrial, technological and other infrastructure projects.

Taking into account the constantly changing conditions in the modern financial environment and the increasing participation of the private sector in market sectors dominated by the State Monopolies, the GROUP focuses on the private financed projects, as well as the concession projects.

COPELOUZOS GROUP participates in the import and marketing of natural gas in Greece, the construction of the necessary natural gas infrastructure, the construction of power plants ( hydro, lignite and natural gas fired ), the construction of cogeneration power plants, as well as the construction of wind farms, photovoltaic parks and small hydro projects.  In addition, COPELOUZOS GROUP participates in transport projects, airport management, waste management and real estate development.

With respect to the environment, for the benefict of local communities and thanks to its organization and its modern business spirit, COPELOUZOS GROUP has successfully completed a large number of projects in Greece, in cooperation with local and international specialized companies. This extended international cooperation has attributed significant experience and capabilities to the GROUP, which has become a unique and valuable partner for every business activity.